Yogafood is a new restaurant in Reykjavik. Whether you want to grab some fresh red beet juice, a green smoothie to take on your trip, or sit down for a healthy lunch, Yogafood has it all. We serve a variety of healthy breakfast items and offer a delicious lunch menu, all gluten-free and with no added sugar.

Yogafood’s concept designer is Thorbjörg, an Icelandic internationally recognized nutritionist, certified life coach and author of many lifestyle books and health cookbooks, the latest is about Yoga and Yogafood. The concept of the food is based on vitality and energy including the 7 chakras, which for those who are familiar with yoga, know that all have their specific meaning and qualities. The juices and drinks served at Yogafood, are made with a specific chakra in mind, and you can choose off the menu according to what chakra you want to strengthen.

The Yogafood concept
We are proud to introduce you to Yogafood. We are all about nutrition in the deeper understandig of the word. We believe that optimun health is based on variation of factors that meets your needs and desire in a wholistic point of view. Taking responsibiltiy for your own wellness is a personal choice and we want to help and support you to fullfill the good health mission for you and your family.

The bodymindfood connection is the 3 pillars which Yogafood is build on. Functional food, inspiration and education and love and relationship.

Yogafood Restaurant
Yogafood is a restaurant serving tasty functional non inflammational food and beverages. Functional because we only use high quality ingrediens that does not mess with your biology but support the body’s natural function with food that the body is designed to eat. Thats why we have no or very little added sugar in our food, its 100% gluten free and dairy free and 80% vegetarian and vegan. We do have grass fed meat in some of our dishes and we serve it twice a week. Yogafood is for everybody.

Yogafood Shop
Our goal is to create a society that meets your needs to be the best version of your self. Yogafood is not only a restarurant but we have also a shop with products that might be helpful and come in handy on your vitality mission.

Yogafood Service Center
Single and families.

We really want to make it easier for you. We are totally awaire of the time factor in most individual and families life. After a day with long hours at work it can be pretty demanding to get in the mall buying groceries, pick up the kids and prepare dinner once you all are home, tired and uninspired to cook. It is a lot easier to grap some more or less unhealthy take away on the way home but not nessacerely the best choice for your health. Let us make the dinner for you!

Maybe you have deminding times beforehead at work or at school and you need something easy but nourishing. We have the solution wheter you want juices, shakes, food, soup or snacks. You just have to order online the day before and the food and what ever you want is ready when you pick it up! It is said you cant buy time or love! Yes you can! It comes with Yogafood!

Catering for Companies
Times are changing and so are people. There is a huge interest in health and nutrition and its growing. Food is not longer something we just need to satisfy hunger, but we difine our selfes with what food we eat and the lifestyle and values we chose to live by. We know that ceratain food can make us tired, confused, owerweight and promote inflammation in our body. And certain food creates the opposite and gives energy, balance and focus, all three factors important for the both management and staff in your company. Let us help you to upgrade the energy and outcome in your company. Contact us for a offer.

Yogafood Inspiration
Look under “events” what is going on. Please contact us if you wish to come and have your talk, lecture or course in our beautiful Yogafood.

Yogafood Community
Yogafoodies is a growing movement of people that share similar interest in the good life lived in responsibility, healthy functional food, yoga, outdoor life, exercise, cold baths, floating, good realationships and realations and to have fun. People that don't take it all to seriously but has good intentions in doing the right thing for me, you, us, them, others, the environment, the ocean, animnals and the world.

Taste the love

My passion is your vitality


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